RRC Delhi Group D Questions 2013 – Answer Key, Paper Solutions

RRC Delhi Group D Questions 2013 – Answer Key, Paper Solutions: Are you looking for Questions asked in RRC Delhi Group D Examination 2013? If you are searching for Delhi Railway Group D Questions, here in the post below we have provided the all General Awareness (GK) Question which was asked in RRC Delhi Group D Examination 2013. RRC Delhi Group D written examination has scheduled to be held on 27ths October, 17th/ 24th November, 01th/ 08th December 2013. Written examination for Railway Delhi board Group D exam was held in the month of October, November and December 2013. Delhi Railway Group D Question with paper solutions are given below.

Questions Asked in RRC Delhi Group D Exam: 27th October 2013

  1. The Grand Trunk road was originally built by - Sher Shah
  2. In which year was the First Battle of Panipath fought ? - 1526 A.D.
  3. Which unfortunate event took place in the year 1919 ? - Jalianwala Bagh massacre
  4. Which freedom fighter suffered fatal injuries during a demonstration against Simon Commission ?-Lala Lajpat Rai
  5. Ibn Batuta, the famous Arab scholar visited India during the reign of - Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq
  6. Who was the court poet of Harshavardhana ? - Banabhatta
  7. Which Mughal emperor took the  title of Alamgir ? - Aurangjeb
  8. The member of parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) has been hiked to - 5 Crore per annum
  9. Name of the city which hosts the literary festival (Largest in Asia pacific) ? - Jaipur
  10. Where did Industrial revolution take place ? - England
  11. Sri Pranab Mukharjee was elected as MP from which places before becoming the president of India ?- Jangipur
  12. Aishwarya Oil Field is located in which state of India ? - Rajasthan
  13. Who won the Best Actor Award for the film Paan Singh Tomar ? - Irfan Khan
  14. As per the annual ranking published in March 2013, by prestigious business magazine Forbes, who is the richest Indian ? - Mukesh Ambani
  15. Hugo Chavez was the president of which country ? - Venezuela
  16. The term 'bull' and 'bear' are used in - Stock Exchange
  17. What is operation Flood ?- a mission programme of production and distribution of milk
  18. Newton's First law is, the law of - Force
  19. Electric fuse wire is made of alloys because alloys - Have high melting point
  20. To correct his vision, a person suffering from short-sightedness will have to use - Concave lens
  21. Which country is separated from British India by the Durand Line ? - Afghanistan
  22. Which of the following is a "Fire and Forget" anti-tank missile ?- Nag
  23. The Larger Producer of Saffron in India ? - Jammu and Kashmir
  24. Which among the following rivers joins the Ganga from south ?
  25. (option- Gandak  Yamuna  Gomti  Ghagra)  Ans: Gomti
  26. Which city is called 'City of Nawabs' ? - Lucknow
  27. Which state has the Highest Population in India ? - Uttar Pradesh
  28. Which is the largest freshwater lake in India ? - Wular
  29. Where is the famous Pinjore Garden situated ? - Chandigarh
  30. What name is given to the soil brought by the rivers ? - Alluvial Soil
  31. "Rajtarangini" written by Kalhan is- A History of Kashmir
  32. Who was the Tenth Guru of Sikhs ? - Guru Govind Singh
  33. The word 'Buddha' means - an enlightened one
  34. Which Sultan of Delhi shifted his capital from Delhi to Daultabad ?  - Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
  35. Which of the following is not a sensory organ ? - Brain
  36. Use of disposable syringes is usually advised to prevent - AIDS
  37. DNA stands for - Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
  38. Ram wants to bite into an apple. Which type of teeth will he use ? - Incisors
  39. Which of the following is a fungal disease ? - Ringworm
  40. Which of the following is a fish ? - Whale
  41. Caterpillar is a  - Larva
  42. The group of substance that can burn easily are ? - Ans: (coal, alcohol, paper)
  43. common salt that we eat everyday contains - Sodium and chloride
  44. Calcium is constituent element of - Marble
  45. Formic acid is a large component of - Ant venom
  46. 'Cue ball, break shot, Pool table' are terms associated with which games ? - Billiards
  47. Who won the Champions Trophy 2013 ? - India
  48. Sarojini Naidu became the Governor of which state ? - Uttar pradesh
  49. Whoo is the chairman of Rajyasabha ? - President
  50. Name of the Longest Train route in India ? - Vivek Express
  51. Who invented 'Telegraph' ? - Samuel Morse
  52. Which of the following festival is associated with full moon day ? - Holi
  53. Which of the following is a classical dance from North India ? - kathak
  54. Which of the following name is not associated wit painting ? - K. L. Saigal
  55. Who among the following is an Olympic Medal Winner ? - Saina Nehwal
  56. Which of the following award is given to recognize outstanding achievements in sports ? - Arjun Award
  57. The Correct Combination among the question is - (Rafel Nadal-  Tennis, Neymar - Football)
  58. The temple situated near Pushkar lake in Rajasthan is related to ? - Lord Brahma
  59. Microsoft Office does not include ? - Android
  60. LED, CRT, LCD are the names related to different types of - Monitor
  61. If someone is injured in an accident and broken his Knee joint then she needs to consult ? -Orthopedic
  62. Cub is baby animal related to - (Tiger, Bear, Lion)
  63. If you have the option to bye a refrigerator with 1 star, 3 star and 5 star rating given by BEE then which one you will prefer ? - 5 Star
  64. The body Fight infections with the help of - Immune System
  65. Vinegar, very commonly used in Chinese food, is actually - Acetic acid
  66. Tides are Primarily a result of the - Attraction of the moon